Apricots kernels


Chinese, who have been cultivating apricots for 2000 years, use apricots kernels for their different benefits.

The principal use of this kernel is for industry to strengthen taste of some food. These kernels are used to replace almonds because the price is less expensive. Some kernels can be bitter one.


The producing countries are China, Turkey and Iran.


Apricots are harvest in July, kernels are extracted from the stone when fruits are stoned.

Countries of origin

In Turkey, bitter apricots kernels are from Urgup region while sweet apricot kernels are from Malatya region.


Bitter almonds: smaller and darker. They are from wild apricot trees

Sweet almonds: longer and highly similar to almonds. They are from apricot trees.


You just need to take into account impurities (less than 1%), broken kernels (3%) and humidity (6%). Apricot kernels are not sized.