Sunflower seeds


Sunflower was domesticated 5000 years ago in North America near Mexico.

Incas and Azteca used this plant as a symbol of Sun god. After the New World discovery, Spaniard brought with them this seed.

Today, sunflower is located in all continents.


Production and countries of origin

The main producing countries are Russia, Ukraine and Argentina.



Sunflowers need a rich and wet soil and obviously a lot of sun.

The harvesting period is at the end of September.



Seeds can be shelled and non-shelled. Shelled seeds are primarily for bakers while non-shelled seeds are for snacking industry.

The smaller seeds are for pet food (birds).


Black or grey


Large: 22/64 ; Medium: 20/64-22/64 ; Small: 16/64-20/64


Long type

Round type