This fruit can be considered as one of the oldest fruit in world. Indeed, scientist discovered figs of 11 400 years old in actual Israel in 2006.

Figs are a symbol of Mediterranean basin since thousands of years.             

In France, Louis XIV was a lover of figs. He has around 700 figs trees varieties in his Versailles garden.



In Turkey, Izmir region is the place where figs are cultivated since centuries.

Estimated World Dried Figs Production 2014/2015
TURKEY                   70 000 
IRAN                   21 000
USA                   10 000  
GREECE                     8 000 
SPAIN                     6 000
ITALY                     4 000  
OTHERS                     5 000  
TOTAL                124 000  

 Source : XXXIII World Nut and Dried Fruit Congress Melbourne May 2014



Fig trees begin to produce fruit between 5 and 7 years old. Longevity of this tree is impressive because they can still produce after 100 years old.

Some fig trees can produce fruits twice time per years according to the variety. This variety is mainly used by professionals. With this kind of fig tree the harvesting periods are in beginning of summer and at the end.

While the fig tree is with a unique production, the harvesting period will be at the end of the summer.


Countries of origin

Figs are originating from Mediterranean regions, they need sun and are easy to maintain. The major producing countries are Iran and Turkey.



Sizing: number of figs per kilo

N°1: 36/40 ; N°2: 41/45 ; N°3:46/50 ; N°4: 56/60 ; N°5: 56/60 ; N°6:61/65 ; N°7: 66/70 ; N°8: 71/80 ; N°9: 81/100 ; N°10: 101/130


  • Natural

  • Protoben

  • Pulled

  • Lérida

  • Garland

  • Layer



Iranian figs are smaller and with a less pronounced taste. They are classified by their colour, opened and size.

  • Grade Select:

    • Colour: light almost white

    • Opened: 80%

    • Size: less than 180 figs per kilo

  • Grade AA:

    • Colour: light brown

    • Opened: 50%

    • Size: 240-280 per kilo

  • Grade A:

    • Colour: brown to grey

    • Opened: 20%

    • Size: more than 280 per kilo