This name Cranberry is from Colons who named this fruit as a “crane berry”.

This fruits is originating from the cold regions of North America.

Natives American used this fruit as a medicinal and they also ate it. They harvested wild cranberries in marshy areas.

Today, cranberries farming is in the coldest regions of North America in Canada and USA. The culture needs a lot of water to protect plants from the cold.



Cranberries are only produced in USA, Canada and Chile.

This culture is quite complicated because it needs many water to protect plant from cold. Indeed, the water permit to keep water at zero while the real temperature is below zero.



The harvesting period is from end September until end October.

There are two methods of harvest:

  • Dry method: with a kind of combine

  • Wet or net method: fields are flooded with around 45cm of water, ripe fruit float and mans are with a rubber ring which gathered all the fruit. It’s the most used method.  


Countries of origin

In USA, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington are the states where the cranberries farming is.

In Canada, the main producing regions are Quebec, Ontario, Terre Neuve, New Brunswick, New Scotland and British Colombia.

There also are productions in Chili and Argentina, in Baltic countries and Eastern Europe.