Coconut tree is probably from India’s region. Today, coconut are in all tropical countries.



The main producing countries of coconut are in Asia with Indonesia, Philippines, India and Sri Lanka.



Coconut trees love rich, sandy and salted soils. This tree doesn’t really need a lot of watering. First fruits begin between the 6 and the 8 years until 70.

The high season is from August to March.

In average, the harvest is all the 45 days. Then, the harvested fruits are send by truck to mill where they produce the final product.


Countries of origin

Coconuts from Sri Lanka and Philippines are the most wanted by manufacturers because they have a good taste and a good manufacture that assure a product of good quality. With these origins the products are more expensive.

Coconuts from Indonesia and Vietnam are more basic ones but they have a better price quality ratio.



Orange coconut (king): only use of the water coco

Green or brown coco: it’s standard coconut, everything is use from the pulp to the shell.



Coconuts can have different shapes: desiccated coconut (medium or fine), chips, toasted and sweeten.