Bananas are from tropical Australia and South of Asia. Some scientists think this fruit was domesticated 5000 or 8000 years ago in Papua New Guinea.

Portuguese spread this culture during the XVth century in Atlantic islands, Brazil and western Africa.

Nowadays, we can find bananas in all tropical countries. There are many varieties with a lot of colour and size.



The biggest producing countries are in Asia with India, China and Philippine.

About, dried bananas Ecuador, Brazil and Argentina are the most important producers.

Thailand and Philippine are the biggest producing countries.



Banana harvest is before the ripeness because fruit can explode because of starch.

It’s possible to harvest banana during the whole year but the high seasons are from October to December and from February to March.

A banana plantation can live until 25 years or more.



Cavendish banana is the most famous banana and the most cultivated around the world.